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Facebook Group

This group was created so that no matter what your interests in Surrogacy may be, group members will answer in a relatable, human and knowledgeable way, to bring you closer to understanding the world of Surrogacy. On behalf of those of us who initiated the group, we appreciate your interest in Surrogacy and hope that through your participation you feel that you become a part of our Omega Family Surrogates community.




Our monthly newsletters are full of tips and advice:  Tips on what to have in your hospital bag prior to delivery, or what you can do during bed rest if it is required post embryo transfer. There are some demonstrating how to administer your shots, if that is requested of you from the IVF clinic.  There are great ideas for the matching meeting, and things that you should consider prior to choosing your Intended Parents.  We try to make sure that it’s all there, but if something is missing, just ask…and you will be heard. We are here to support one another and to make the most of a wonderful journey.