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10 Steps of the Omega Surrogacy Process

Step 1: Prequalification

The applicant answers a questionnaire with 12 questions. If she passes this questionnaire, this will alert our recruitment team for the next step.

Step 2: Orientation call

Once the alert is received the recruitment team will go forward with a set of orientation calls in which Omega will learn more about the applicant and qualify her to move forward to the comprehensive questionnaire.

Step 3: Comprehensive Questionnaire

This questionnaire has more than 100 questions that will help the Omega Recruitment Team determine if a woman is ready to become an Omega Family Surrogate.

Step 4: Preparation for Matching

Once the comprehensive questionnaire is answered and the Recruitment Team feels that the applicant is prepared, her profile will be released and the preparation for matching begins. Her profile will be shared with Intended Parents who, according to Omega, are going to continue the Surrogate Journey.

Step 5: Psychological Screening

During the time during which the Surrogate is being matched, she will undergo psychological screening to prepare her for the Surrogacy Journey.

Step 6: Matching Session

When Intended Parents and Surrogate agree to work together, they finalize details of how their communication and relationship will develop and accept to move forward in the Surrogacy Journey.

Step 7: Legal Arrangements

The Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA) and the Trust Fund are both established through legal arrangements. The Surrogate and the Intended Parents have their own legal counsel and agree to the terms that are in the contract.   Once the Surrogate and Intended Parents sign, the Surrogate will be considered legally cleared to move forward to the next step.

Step 8: Getting Pregnant

The Intended Parents provide their embryos to be implanted in the Surrogate’s uterus. From then on, the Surrogate will hopefully be able to carry the baby to full term without complications.

Step 9: Delivery

This is the most expected moment in the Journey when the Surrogate will give birth to the Intended Parents’ child or children.

Step 10: Presenting the Baby to the Intended Parents

At this point, the Intended Parents are no longer Intended Parents but parents to their child delivered by the Surrogate. The family has been extended, thanks to the Surrogate and the Surrogacy Journey.

Omega Surrogacy Process Teams

  • Omega Recruitment Team: This team begins to work with those women who have answered the 12-question questionnaire and are eligible to continue. They guide the applicant towards obtaining all the information needed to make sure that the applicant is choosing surrogacy for all the right reasons.

  • Omega Matching Team: This is when the Intended Parents are matched with the Surrogate. This process is handled by the Omega Family Surrogates team, when they decide who could go well with whom, and then interviews are held, and matches are made.

  • Omega Surrogate Support Team –SST: Omega Family Surrogates provides each Surrogate with her own Surrogate Support Team Member, who will serve as her guide and her go-to person for whatever needs she may have.  Meet Mariela, a Surrogate Support Team Member.

  • Surrogate Liaison Team: Not only does each Surrogate work with her own Surrogate Support Team Member, but she also is in contact with the Surrogate Liaison Team in charge of the Surrogate Dinners as well as other amazing community activities that bring the Omega Family Surrogates community together.



Omega Family Surrogates share their experiences in this video about what it is like to be a Surrogate.



Surrogate Support

What sets Omega Family Surrogates apart from the rest of the Surrogacy Agencies in the United States is the type of support provided to Surrogates.  The Surrogate Liaison Team organizes Surrogate Dinners and family activities such as the Spring Fling.  Members of the Surrogate Liaison Team travel with the Surrogate if needed by international Intended Parents.   Case managers help guide and facilitate communication between the Surrogate and her Intended Parents.  The Surrogate Support Team helps her through the day-to-day activities that a Surrogate goes through while carrying the Intended Parents’ child. 


Omega Family Surrogates hosts three types of events:

  • Surrogate Dinners where Surrogates get together to share their experiences and bond as women who chose Surrogacy as a way to make a difference in the lives of the Intended Parents they serve.

  • Family Events such as the Spring Fling celebrated in May of 2019, where Surrogates and their families were invited to mingle and get to know each other.
  • Omega Holiday Parties, where once a year the Omega Family community is invited to share in holiday festivities and strengthen bonds that have been created thanks to surrogacy.




The Surrogacy Journey

Is how the Surrogate and her family perceives, enjoys, and lives the experience of having a baby for another family.  It also includes Omega Family Surrogates’ unique family oriented focus providing understanding and contributing to Bringing Family Moments to Life.

Omega Family Surrogates invites all women who are interested in journeys to join our Facebook group Omega Surrogate Stories and learn more about the day-to-day of an Omega Surrogate. Omega Family Surrogates also hosts family events and Surrogate Dinners that enhance the Surrogacy Journey with a wonderful community of amazing families that choose to help others by way of surrogacy.