What is being a Surrogate really like?

Meet Cat, Christina, Alma and Becca as they fill Omega Surrogate Stories with up-front, first-hand
information regarding what a Surrogate goes through to be able to provide Intended Parents with
their baby. If you ever wondered about the day to day life of our Surrogates, you now have a way
to learn about Surrogacy but interact with actual Surrogates.
The information that you receive from Omega Surrogate Stories helps you to fill in the blanks that
research may have yet to provide you. You can interact with the Surrogates, so if there is a
question you have not been able to answer, they probably can.
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Have you questions answered such as; How does the embryo transfer feel? How did you know
which Intended Parents to choose? What do people around you say? Do Surrogates get
discouraged? How do they deal with people that don’t understand what they are doing? How long
does the matching process take? What does the process look like?

Cat Institucional (Comprimido)