eBook 16 considerations on Becoming a Surrogate

Omega Family Global has created an e-book, with the  collaboration of surrogates, intended parents and Omega staff with the purpose of providing our readers with the  the most comprehensive and complete information on surrogacy and the journey it entails. 

With this information, Omega Family is certain that any decision made after reading the book, will have been based on facts supported by the experience and the professional knowledge that the Omega Family Global Team has to offer. 

Here is a list of 5 of the 16 considerations on Becoming A Surrogate that are explained in the book. 

1.  How is surrogacy different from my natural pregnancies?

2.  Why become a surrogate?

3.  What are the physical and emotional concerns you may face when becoming a surrogate?

4.  How will I face the difficulty of carrying a baby without keeping it?

5.  What kind of family support will I need while I am on the surrogacy journey?