What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a family creating option in which a woman (Surrogate) allows an embryo to be implanted into her uterus, and she carries the baby to full term.  When the baby is born, the baby is handed over to its biological parents, allowing a couple to have a son or daughter who is genetically related to them. 
Pregnancy: Natural vrs. Surrogacy


Why Become a Surrogate?

Omega Family Surrogates are amazing women who decide to become Surrogates to help a family who, without their help, could never have children of their own. To learn more, watch the two short videos and read our blog:  Why did I become a surrogate? 



Why I chose to become a Surrogate Christina

Omega Surrogate Christina talks about how her compassion for those who face infertility lead her to become a Surrogate.  Follow Christina on Facebook or Instagram. #omegastories 




 Omega Surrogate Catherine  talks about how she saw an ad on Facebook, and she knew that Surrogacy was the way she wanted to help others. #omegastories

How Does Surrogacy Work?


Surrogacy is not a very common topic. This is why Omega Family Global illustrates the little-known process in this informative video from an Omega Surrogate's point of view. Blog : Omega Family Global's Unique Surrogacy Process


You will understand the following: 

1. Each step of the process.

2. Who are the people involved in the process.

3.  What is the Surrogates role in this unique family creation option.

4.  How Omega Family Global takes care of their Surrogates and the baby throughout the whole process.   

Let's Talk the Talk: Surrogacy Lingo!

♥  Intended Parents:  The couple who cannot have children and have opted for surrogacy as thier family creation method of choice.

Gestational Surrogate, Gestational Carrier:  The woman who carries the Intended Parents' embryo in her womb though a pregnancy until birth, without being genetically related to the baby.

Gestational Service Agreement: Legal document in which the rights and responsibilities of the Intended Parents, Surrogates, and Omega Family Global (surrogacy agency) are laid out in a clear binding manner.

Pre-Birth Order: Identification document much like a birth certificate which designates the Intended Parents as parents of the unborn baby.

Embryo Transfer:  The medical process by which the fertilized embryo is implanted into the Surrogate's womb to initiate pregnancy.

♥ Embryo:  The fertilized ovum after it has begun the process of cell division.

♥ In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) : Medical process by which a female ovum is fertilized by a male sperm creating an embryo in a laboratory.

Body Mass Index (BMI): A number that measures how much fat is found in a person's body, proportional to their height and weight. 

Surrogacy Support Groups

Omega Family Surrogates surrogacy agency stands out stands out because it makes sure that Surrogates bond and create a community that supports each other through thick and thin.  The Surrogacy experience is uniquely special, and this support group provides a space to share knowledge, experiences, and concerns. Lets Get Together!



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Are you.....?

1. Living in an eligible state?

2. A mother who had an uncomplicated pregnancy?

3. Between the ages of 21 and 36?

4. A woman who has a BMI less than or equal to 30?

If you answered yes to all the questions you are one step  closer to being  able to become a surrogate.  Are you ready for...