Initiate your Surrogacy Journey by answering 12 simple questions. Let's begin! 

A potential Surrogate's lifestyle and her personal preferences are just as important as what is required physically. If you agree with the following considerations, please fill out the following form.

If for some reason or another you do not meet the requirements at this time please let us know so that we can work together to  reach your Surrogacy goal.

  1. Enjoy helping others
  2. Love being pregnant
  3. Have at least one, full term, uncomplicated pregnancy
    and delivery, as documented by medical records
  4. Are between 21 and 40 years old
  5. Have a flexible schedule and willing to travel
    to appointments (up to 25 appointments)
  6. Have a valid driver´s license and access to a reliable car
  7. Have strong family support, including access to childcare
  8. Am healthy, and height/weight appropriate (32 BMI or less) Calculate My BMI
  9. Be a non-smoker, drug free (including marijuana), and alcohol free
  10. Are a U.S. citizen, have a green card or legally reside in California, Nevada, Texas or Seattle
  11. If married or in stable relationship, have the support of your partner
  12. Free of any felony convictions, willing to undergo psychology testing, background check and drug testing
  13. Financially secure, and not participate in Section 8 or public housing, cash assistance, or welfare.  Other forms of assistance can be considered, on case-by-case basis